Getting more clients can be fun & easy…..when you know how!

Are you struggling to build your natural therapy practice?

Is getting the right number of clients a big problem?

Do you often feel alone with no one to turn to?

Chances are you don’t have the right system!

The trick is to step your way up to success and a system will help you take each step with ease.

I’ve come to understand that people struggle until they find the right support and systems to help them at each stage of their journey.

I’ve also learnt a lot about therapists on my journey and they have this weird thing about “going it alone” and “doing it their own way”.

Imagine if the clients you so badly want to help did that. It would have a fatal effect on their health in the same way that “going it alone” has a fatal effort on your business.

Sadly without a system and proper support you will fail or be limited in how you can expand further down the track.

I believe I have the right system for you, at whatever level your practice is at now. One of the options below will be right for you:

Option 1

If you are just starting out and have limited funds:

Join one of my no fee or low fee self paced programs which include:

•  The 90 Day Challenge

a 68 page report with follow up emails that will support you over 90 days & help you get the knowledge and techniques that will get you traction in your practice more

•  Practice Building Success System

a low cost six step process containing 16 modules which you work through at your own learning speed more

Option 2

If you are ready to set up your practice and need ongoing support and accountability but don’t want to spend a fortune:

•  Serious About Success

a low cost 12 month group coaching program that offers community and accountability plus the tools and knowledge you need to achieve the success you desire more

Option 3

When you are ready to take the big leap and launch you or the modality you have created into a bigger audience:

Join the elite “VIP Platinum Practitioner PRO Program” where you get to “Access All Areas”.

This is for people who seek the Red Carpet experience. You will get all the one on one individual attention you need to develop as an expert in your field more

I’m Margaret Gill the founder of Abundant Private Practices. I am a business mentor and coach who works with health and wellbeing practitioners.

I love music and often use band terms in what I do because I believe building a successful practice is a lot like a musician’s journey.

A muso starts out learning an instrument, just like therapists learn their modality. Then the musician plays in a garage band and starts to get gigs.

The garage band can’t go straight to Madison Square Gardens though because they simply wouldn’t have enough confidence to pull it off. It is rare for a musician to go straight to the top overnight even in a contest like Idol because there is always a journey involved.

If you have watched only one episode of Idol you will hear the judges telling the contestants to get a voice coach, get a brand coach, get an image coach – the list is endless. You can tell the ones who take the judges advice and get the right coach for their needs because they develop a subtle edge and start to outshine the competition just by being more of themselves.

Its the same for therapists. With the right knowledge, coaching and systems you too can be successful just by being yourself.

My focus is to teach, empower and inspire you to build your holistic business to a level that is right for you. What I am most passionate about is creating long lasting sustainable success for you and your business.

But please don’t go it alone!

You see I was that person I described earlier who thought they could do it alone. What I didn’t realise at the time was “just how much I didn’t know, I didn’t know”. Please don’t be like me and struggle for years thinking you can do it alone. With the right support we will have your business buzzing in no time.

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