A practice with a teaching component will always be more successful than one without.

teaching blackboard imageBut there is often a lot of fear and self doubt associated with teaching …. and that’s perfectly normal.  Teaching requires commitment, courage, new knowledge and requires a big jump in your personal development, but once you’ve done that very first event, you will never look back.

What stops most people from starting is the fear of getting started, which is really more about them not knowing the steps to take and in what order.

I was the same when I started – I WAS SCARED WITLESS!

I left school at 15 to play in a rock and roll band, so I’d had zero experience of writing courses or presenting a workshop.  I was avoiding doing my first live events like the plague because I was so crippled with the fear of messing up in front of others.  Basically I was bullied into doing my very first events …. I was pushed over the edge by people who believed in me and could see the potential in me ……….. and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to those people now!

I trust this training will also push you over the edge and into having a go because I just can’t put into words what a difference this will make for you and your business.

“There is no way you can fail in your mission
unless you fail to accept your calling.”

If I had my time again knowing what I know now, I would have started to teach much earlier. 

Teaching opened up the revenue flow, and got me and my message out to many more people ………….. but more importantly it stepped me up into a whole new level of personal development called “self belief”.

think_meme_compMy Awesome Foursome is basically “what I know now” all bundled up so you can take in the learning at a pace that is right for you.  I so wish I could have had this product when I started out!

People ask me why I don’t sell the products in the Awesome Foursome separately.  Well the short answer is – YOU CAN!  Simply buy them one at a time from the links below if that works better for you.

But I’ve come to realise the serious “hard core” type person will need ALL the information all at once.

The four components go hand in hand to help you be successful because lets face it, live events like seminars and workshops just work!

You also need to learn to teach teleclasses and webinars, because they are an awesome way to promote your live events and they are way easier logistically than live events, so are way more profitable.  They also get you speaking naturally without notes and if you record them, gives you the opportunity to hear yourself back and correct any little bad habits you are unaware of.  Listening to myself back on teleclasses made me cringe, but man it cleaned my act up fast!

I think the greatest gift in the Awesome Foursome training bundle is the planning component.  Before I understood the importance of planning, I was very adhoc, not understanding how things need to link together and I certainly had no idea of the time involved in promoting events and workshops.

Coffee Bar smallI also give you the logistical stuff (tea breaks, right number of loos at your venue, crew sheets etc) for your workshops that quite frankly is the key to a successful event.  If you have your logistics right up front, then it really is just a matter of turning up on the day and experiencing the joy of sharing your information with a group of people who want to know what you know.

If you don’t get the logistics right, your workshop will be hell on wheels and will leave you stressed and totally wiped out.

It doesn’t have to be a bad experience.

If you plug in the GPS co-ordinates before you start your road trip – its going to be a happier journey.  Its the same with teaching.  If you are aware of all the things you need to consider before you start, you are firstly going to feel more confident, but secondly you can take all the actions required and not have any nasty surprises on the day.


You Get Four Audio Action Products in the Awesome FourSome


1.  The Planning For YOUR Success Program

PlanningForYourSuccessLogo-125x200@2xTeaching Will Change Your Life and Your Business  – whether its a small meditation class, workshop in your lounge or a massive big event with hundreds of people in attendance, there is one thing that will make it successful = PLANNING!  Failing to Plan, is Planning to Fail – that’s why I’ve included the planning workshop you need to do each year to ensure you know what you are doing and give yourself enough time to get everything done – Normal Price $125 learn more here

  • 5 x 1 Hour MP3 Audios
  • 5 x Workbooks
  • 1 x Revenue Projection and 1 x Yearly Planner Spreadsheet Templates
  • plus 2 videos showing you how to set up your spreadsheets

2.  How to Make More Money Running Your Own Teleclasses

How to Make More Money Running Teleclasses LogoTeleclasses are a great way to add new revenue streams to your business AND if you record them you have instant product you can sell on your website.  Teleclasses help you get confident speaking to small groups and are the first logical step before moving toward teaching workshops, seminars and retreats. Normal Price $79 learn more here

  • 2 x 1 MP3 Audios
  • 1 x 25 page eBook with all the resources you need to get started
  • 1 x video showing you how to set up your free bridge line


3.  WorkshopWisdomWorkshop_Wisdom-Logo-Square

How to Run Your First Successful Workshop with 6 x 1 hour MP3 Audios taking you from the idea stage right through the promotion stage and what to do before, during and after the event and the all important follow up after the workshop.  You will get all the templates and check lists I use as well the budget spreadsheet I use for my events – Normal Price $179 learn more here

InspiringSpeakingLogoForInstantTeleseminar4.  Inspiring Speaking

Inspiring Speaking is a powerful 6 week program covering everything you need to know to stand up and teach in front of a live audience and do talks to small groups.  Inspiring Speaking is your first step in learning to be comfortable with the thought of speaking to small groups and covers the three important parts of a live event – the start, the middle and the end – or as I like to call it the “Hell, Tell and Sell” parts of any event.  Basically I teach you everything I learned to help me get out and start speaking – Normal Price $179 learn more here

Total Cost if Purchased One at at Time $562

If you buy The AweSome FourSome Program which contains ALL the above programs ….. You Get The Lot For $437 – yep that’s a saving of $79 (means you get Planning for Success FREE) if you buy each program individually!

Margaret Gill is the founder of Abundant Private Practices a training company that teaches health and wellbeing practitioners foundational speaking and business basics.   She brings a unique blend of 15 years real-world corporate knowledge and fifteen years spent practicing her own spiritual mastery to every encounter. She doesn’t just apply a bunch of theory, she knows how daunting new situations can be because she has been there. Through it all, she has stuck steadfastly to her dream, and her driving motivation is to see others achieve their dreams, too. Margaret’s natural effervescence, vulnerability and authenticity allows audiences to connect deeply as she encourages them to seek their own freedom while positively changing the lives of others.


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