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Are You Ready To Become A Teleclass Leader & Exchange YOUR Knowledge For CASH?

If you want to find out how you can run your own teleclasses and make money from home and still be helping many more people ………… then this on demand program is for you.

Gain Confidence and Make More Money

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Teleclasses are a great way to add new revenue streams to your business AND if you record them you have instant product you can sell on your website.

Teleclasses help you get confident speaking to small groups and are the first logical step before moving toward teaching workshops, seminars and retreats.

PLUS you probably already have most of the equipment you need.  The start up cost is zero because much of the technology is free these days. Its a bit of a no brainer really!

If you would like to learn how teleclasses can help you wake up with money in your inbox by teaching others what you already know, then why not sign up for this on demand teleclass training program.

What’s Stopping You?

Nervous WreckMany people feel afraid when they first contemplate teaching teleclasses.

The fear is grounded in getting something wrong and making a complete idiot of themselves.

People think there must be a lot of technology to learn and build up such a big barrier around what could go wrong.

Well let’s be honest, teleclasses can and do go wrong sometimes.  There I said it, but that’s the nature of the beast.  Ten years ago it was the wild west in teleclass land and people were falling off classes all the time and the technology often just stopped working for no apparent reason.  But no one died because of it!  We just laughed and got back on the horse.

These days with the advances in technology, its rare to have to reschedule a class completely.  But that’s the worst case scenario, if something goes horribly wrong, you dust yourself off and simply teach the class another time.

Preparation Is Everything!

But in general I have found, if you are well prepared, have given adequate instructions to your attendees and have rehearsed just as you would if you were turning up face to face …….. then most classes are a breeze.

Yes, there is a learning curve and yes, there is technology, but if you can push an on and off button – then you can do teleclasses.

I know my people have a lot of information to share with the world and I don’t want you to wait another day to help more people.  You are a health and wellbeing professional who has overcome way more in your life and business than any stupid teleclass software can throw at you.  You talk to people each day in your practice, this is simply a means to talk to more people in a more relaxed setting.

The golden rule is: never teach something you don’t already know backwards

Teleclasses are designed to deliver small pieces of information in easily digestible chunks.  That’s why they are so successful for participants, because they take the information in gradually.  Its also why its easy for you because you really only need about five teaching points for each class.  Everyone can do that!

I struggled with the same irrational fears when I first wanted to teach a teleclass.  But once I did the first one and walked through the fear, I was hooked on what it could do for me and my business!  The extra income those early classes added often meant the difference between paying the utility bills or having the power cut off.

I can’t tell you how much being able to teach to the world helped me when I was stuck in a small town hardly knowing anyone.

Since then I’ve helped many other gifted teachers get started with teleclasses and like me, they grew to love the positive difference it made in their business.

What Will I Learn in this Program?

Leave With it Done LogoYou will learn everything you need to know to get your first class started, including the logistics of running teleclasses, some great ideas about the types of classes you can run and how easy it is to be up and running your own classes.

“How To Make More Money Running Teleclasses” is one of my Leave With It Done Programs. If you put the work in, you will finish the program with your first free bridgeline set up and all the knowledge you need to do your very first class.

I know how hard it is to get the right information, so I’ve included everything in the package that I’ve used over the years when running teleclasses.  My program differs from many in the market because it speaks in plain english and it doesn’t attempt to be “clever”.  It really is exactly what you need to get started without a whole heap of other stuff that really only serves to confuse you.


What is included?

This is what you get:

  • 2 x 1 hour MP3 Audios
  • 1 x 25 page eBook with all the resources you need to get started
  • 1 x video showing you how to set up your free bridge line
  • 1 x Teleclass Etiquette pdf file to share with clients
  • 1 x Teleclass Run Sheet Example for you to copy

What are the Benefits of Running Teleclasses?

The benefits of teleclasses are many but here are the top ten I love the best:

  • Amazingly cheap (no room hire or travel costs)
  • Convenience (you and your participants don’t need to leave home)
  • 100% efficient use of your time (no need to factor in traffic or public transport)
  • Location friendly (you can teach from home or the office or the beach!)
  • You can work with a global audience because the classes are not location specific – you just need a phone or broadband.
  • Classes are recorded so your participants can listen again until they fully grasp the concepts
  • You can sell the recordings on your website or create CD’s and generate passive revenue streams
  • You only need a telephone, a computer and an internet connection
  • No fuss  – you can do the class in your pyjamas if you like
  • Its fun and easy!

What will be covered?

Each audio is 60 minutes long and over two sessions we will cover:

  • What is a teleclass
  • Different types of teleclasses
  • Different ways you can use teleclasses
  • Equipment & resources you will need
  • Other technology you can include
  • Writing your first teleclass program & script
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • How to register participants
  • Determining the right number of people in the class
  • Structuring your classes
  • Making people feel included on the calls
  • Overcoming the weirdness of talking to yourself
  • Staying focused and keeping the call interesting
  • Getting the message about your classes out

You will be writing your first script between the two audios so you will leave the program ready to go.

I recommend you aim to have the product complete and your first teleclass scheduled within two weeks of purchasing the program, but really, its up to you!


You might have a few questions so I’ve attempted to answer them below – just send me an email if I haven’t addressed all your questions.

Do I Need Special Equipment?

phoneNO – to start with you can just use any old phone – you can even use those old fashioned phones with the curly lead. In fact the older your technology with the phone the better – call quality can be affected by walk about phones, mobile phones, Skype or VOIP but if you have good internet speed, basically anything goes in terms of the phone you use.

Further down the track you might like to buy a headset to free up your hands and solve the crooked neck problem.

As you get more experienced there are programs you can use on the internet that will make you look like a pro – but in the early days you only need a phone and a mouth!

dog with headset doing teleclasses

Anyone can do it – well almost anyone!

Help – I’m Nervous!

Yes! – everyone is a bit nervous to start with but there are only really three things you need to master to be good at teleclasses and you already have two of the steps.

     1.  Be yourself

     2.  Learn a few tips and tricks to manage the call

     3.  Only talk about what you already know

Then you practice on friends and you are good to go!

Whats the Difference Between a Webinar and a Teleclass?

Webinars are hot at the moment but they require a lot more technology. You will need to create powerpoint slides to keep your people interested. Your participants are required to download software before people can get on your webinar which causes a lot of questions and answers if it doesn’t work properly. Webinars demand a lot more on-call skill.

To date I haven’t been on a webinar where the poor presenter wasn’t struggling to manage the technology.

Webinars are also difficult to store for playback by participants and again I’ve frequently seen instances where webinars didn’t record, despite the presenter being very technically savvy.

Teleclasses require a lot less technology and a lot less preparation before the call. So long as you remember to push the record button, you are in business!

I believe teleclasses help you build up your confidence teaching in a virtual space and make it easy to move onto webinars when you feel ready.

What I recommend is you start with the easy option of teleclasses and then step up to webinars once you get more confident.

Teleclasses are cheap, easy to learn and don’t require your participants to download software – I’m a big believer in walk before you run and find the easy route first time about.

Why is it so cheap?

The lovely thing about teleclasses is that once you have one created – they are very easy to roll out again.

To be honest, most of this product has been developed as I taught this program live.  When it came to make it into an audio program, there was minimal work to do on my part, so I’ve passed those savings onto you.  This is the same price I paid to learn how to do teleclasses all those years back.

Teleclasses have made such a difference for me so I like to keep this class at a reasonable price so it doesn’t stop anyone having a go.


I’m Still Not Convinced!

OK – don’t take my word for it – this is what others have said about the live event:

Testimonials From Past Participants

Image of Shiona Long


Having been a ‘student’ on many teleclasses I really appreciated the opportunity to learn just how easy it is to conduct my own.  I will certainly use teleclasses to build my business and make money from the comfort of my own home.  I loved the light hearted approach that Marg brought to the class and the opportunity to share ideas with others.  Thank you so much.

Shiona Long, When You Believe Coaching, Ballarat, Victoria

Image of Ros Betts


This was my first experience of ‘attending’ a teleclass and I found it to be a wonderful learning experience.  Margz has given very clear and concise instructions in her workbook, and emails and this took the fear out of connecting with total strangers.  I felt quite safe in the experience and now have the confidence to give it a try for my own business and extended interests.  Wonderful Margz

Ros Betts – Port Elliot, South Australia


I’ve been a participant in lots of teleseminars and really enjoy them. Margaret showed us just how easy it is to get started.  Within a week of the course, I have my own fully booked teleseminar series ready to start in my own business.  Its an easy enjoyable way to offer extra value to your clients.  Can’t wait to do more with it.

Leonie Marks, Oakbank, South Australia

How Does The Online Program Work?

The full program will be emailed to you when you register and your payment is confirmed.

How Much Does The Online Program Cost?

I am charging $79 for the full program – that’s less than you will make on your first paid teleclass program!

Gosh – is that a no brainer or what??

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Margaret Gill is the founder of Abundant Private Practices a training company that teaches health and wellbeing practitioners foundational speaking and business basics.   She brings a unique blend of 15 years real-world corporate knowledge and fifteen years spent practicing her own spiritual mastery to every encounter. She doesn’t just apply a bunch of theory, she knows how daunting new situations can be because she has been there. Through it all, she has stuck steadfastly to her dream, and her driving motivation is to see others achieve their dreams, too. Margaret’s natural effervescence, vulnerability and authenticity allows audiences to connect deeply as she encourages them to seek their own freedom while positively changing the lives of others.

My “NO WORM : NO SQUIRM” Money Back Guarantee

I don’t believe there are any worms in the product ………. but if you think you find one and want your money back ………. then I won’t try to squirm out!

All my products carry this simple and elegant guarantee:

If you don’t get value for  money  – I will simply give your money back AND you get to keep the system.


Don’t spend another day procrastinating – get your copy now!

2 x 1 hour MP3 Audios

1 x 25 page eBook with all the resources you need to get started

1 x video showing you how to set up your free bridge line

1 x Teleclass Etiquette pdf file to share with clients

1 x Teleclass Run Sheet Example for you to copy

One Time Payment of $79