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Have you ever noticed how some people are more  naturally attractive than others?

“How YOU Can Become More Irresistibly Attractive”

If there is one concept that I’ve come to understand in my years of fervently studying what makes some people attract the success they desire while others fail ……. it all comes down to two words:

“likes attract”

So if that’s the case, if you want to attract more of the stuff that the people you admire have, you simply need to figure out what they have learned about success, so you can get those traits too.

But to be honest, the thing I found hardest in the early days was keeping myself and my mindset positive enough to attract the right clients and the right people to support me.

The one thing that changed that for me was a program I did called the Attraction Program. Its fair to say it changed my life, and still keeps on changing my life years later.

The program was created by a gentleman called Thomas Leonard. He was an extraordinary thinker and is credited with creating the concept of life coaching way back in the late 90’s.

He created 28 Principles that if put into action would train you to become more naturally attractive.

I was slightly sceptical when I first heard about the program because there was so much fluffy information going around at that time about thinking things and they will appear.

I was very glad to find, when I finally purchased the product, that it was quite the opposite. In fact I had to do some serious work on myself to even get close to implementing even the very first principle!

I was delighted when I found out that this is NOT some fluffy concept that asks you to just sit around thinking about what you want in your life.

The Attraction Program is fun and fast paced.

Attraction Program Logo

by Thomas Leonard

This program presents you with 28 core principles that if implemented will BRING the change you desire, without you having to think about it much at all!

Each principle has ten concepts associated with it for you to be considering – yep that’s 280 ways you can bring lasting change.

Its quirky, frequently irreverent and demands you start to take action in ways that will make you naturally more attractive in every way.

This program changed me from someone who was miserable in their life, their work and where they lived. It made me see if I didn’t change myself, nothing else was going to change.

Before I did the program I longed to be doing more in my life, giving more to others, working more positively with others and having people come to me easily.

Now I AM one of those people I wanted to be.

It seemed to take forever, but when I look back I actually achieved extraordinary change very fast.

I have a lifetime license to teach the Attraction Program. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to to have more success in their life.

The Attraction Program is great for people seeking more but don’t know how to find “it”

Where Did the Program Originate?

Some years ago Coachville and CoachU founder Thomas Leonard created the Attraction Program by recognising 28 principles and actions that when consistently implemented, cause people to become naturally attracted to you on all levels – not just the physical.

The Attraction Program will give you 28 Principles of Attraction that you can work with forever.

Once you have mastered one, you move on to master the next one.

Many of the principles are very simple. They allow us to see just how un-attractive our actions are to others and then prompt us to improve those actions. You will learn the ways others view you and begin to understand why you might not have been as successful as you could have been to date.

Think of all the highly successful people you know. They will have certain traits in common that make them attractive on many levels.  You can learn how to get those traits, and its not as hard as you might think.

What Thomas Leonard said about The Attraction Program

The Attraction Program is about 28 thought-expanding, surprisingly practical, and highly effective principles, linked to each other like facets on a diamond. These principles will help you shape your life, career and relationships in the most self-satisfying and profitable way possible.

From The Portable Coach by Thomas J. Leonard

People want to hang out with successful people.

The Attraction Program you teach you how to:

  • Become number one in your life
  • Get your needs met once and for all
  • Constantly delight others by over delivering
  • Be happy in the now moment
  • Be more organised
  • Add value for the joy of it
  • Affect others profoundly
  • Live even more in the moment

Once you master the 28 Principles of Attraction, people will naturally want to hang out with you too.

THE SECRET has done a very good job of talking about The Law of Attraction but it doesn’t always give you practical ways to implement attraction into your every day life. The Attraction Program is about practical strategies and behaviors that you need to implement now and forever.

What its not

It’s NOT a magic formula where you sit back on the couch repeating carefully crafted affirmations -NO!

It is 28 strategies each with 10 different ways you can take action to implement the program.

Do the maths

That is 280 practical actions you can take that will make you irresistibly attractive in life and business.

Is it any wonder that it works??

As I begin to teach this material again I am reminded of the brilliance of each facet of the diamond these principles form.

How Does The Program Work?

You will get me teaching Thomas Leonard’s amazing program “How to Become Irresistibly Attractive” via an Audio E-Course.

The content has been customised for therapists but the workbooks are generic so anyone can enjoy the program.

An E-Course means the content is delivered Electronically (via email) – so each day for 30 days you get one full principle delivered to your inbox.  Some people consume the program on the day it is delivered, others prefer to save the email and do the program as their schedule permits.  There is no end date when you have to have to the program finished and you are free to use the program over and over again.

Who Should Do the Attraction Program?

This course is a coaching course designed to help anyone wishing to step up and play a bigger game in their life and business.

Coaches love it because it was originally designed for coaches but it works equally well for people in the health and wellbeing industry, natural therapists, spiritual healers, people who enjoy making a difference in the world and any one who is looking for MORE!

What You Get

Over 30 Days you will receive:

  • 1 x Introduction Audio
  • 28 x 30 minute Training Audios in mp3 format
  • 28 PDF Workbooks
  • Top 10 Lists within each workbook

All files are downloadable!

You can start the program whenever you like and listen to each audio as many times as you like.

You can do the program at your own pace. No need to attend classes or calls – everything you need will be automatically delivered to your inbox.

These principles are highly thought provoking whilst still being easy to implement in your business and life if you are prepared to take the actions.

How the Audio E-Course Works

  • It’s a self paced home study course so no classes to attend or phone calls to be on.
  • You do the program at a pace that is right for you.
  • You will get one email each day that links you through to a website with all the resources on that site.
  • Each link contains one complete principle each day with everything you need to implement that principle into your life and business.
  • By the end of the 29 Days you will have the full program and 28 links to each principle.
  • You can listen in daily or save the audios & listen later – its up to you!

There is approx 30 minutes of audio for each principle – notes and some basic slides that go with the audio within each link.  You can listen on your computer or take me with you on your hand held mobile device.

PLUS there will most certainly be bonus “over respond” opportunities announced during the program too.

The Attraction Program Can Change Your Life

These principles changed me from someone who hated their job and pretty much everything in my life to a person who now loves their work and life and who has designed a dream job that I created myself.

The Attraction Program helped me get traction in the early days and now helps me to shine the diamond every day.

It taught me how to get out of my own way and look at myself in a different light, whilst still having fun.

Actions speak louder than words and when the right actions are implemented the right levels of attraction occur.

You can also achieve these results if you do the program!

Margaret Gill is the founder of Abundant Private Practices a training company that teaches health and wellbeing practitioners foundational speaking and business basics.   She brings a unique blend of 15 years real-world corporate knowledge and fifteen years spent practicing her own spiritual mastery to every encounter. She doesn’t just apply a bunch of theory, she knows how daunting new situations can be because she has been there. Through it all, she has stuck steadfastly to her dream, and her driving motivation is to see others achieve their dreams, too. Margaret’s natural effervescence, vulnerability and authenticity allows audiences to connect deeply as she encourages them to seek their own freedom while positively changing the lives of others.

My “NO WORM : NO SQUIRM” Money Back Guarantee

I don’t believe there are any worms in the product ………. but if you think you find one and want your money back ………. then I won’t try to squirm out!

All my products carry this simple and elegant guarantee:

If you don’t get value for  money  – I will simply give your money back AND you get to keep the system.

Don’t spend another day procrastinating – get your copy now!

1 x Introduction Audio

28 x 30 minute Training Audios in mp3 format

28 PDF Workbooks

Top 10 Lists within each workbook

One Time Payment of $225

Can you afford to pass up this opportunity? I didn’t think so.
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